Jumpstart Your Career

RASA’s program is based on the Core Curriculum for the Surgical First Assistant to help you jumpstart your career. This advanced-level program stresses comprehensive surgical knowledge and intraoperative skills. Students study the expanded role and functions of the Surgical Assistant. An in-depth study of operating room procedures, concepts, surgical modalities and emergency preparedness will give you the comfort of knowing you are one of the best prepared surgical assistants. You will move on to study surgeries in all major surgical specialties.

OPEN ENROLLMENT. We have open enrollment, which means that you can gain access to the online program within 5 days of submitting your completed application. 

WE WILL MAIL YOU YOUR WOUND CLOSURE TRAINING SYSTEM. So you can get a jump on learning basic through advanced suture and tying skills! If you wish to attend a hands-on lab we have options, but attending a workshop is not required. Most of our students have great relationships with their surgeons that are willing to teach them and build on the skills they learned on the simulated tissues provided with the program.

YOU ASKED AND WE LISTENED! The newly released interactive distance learning program provides a multi-media online site with guided home study, video instruction and interactive activities.

COMPLETE THE SUPERVISED CLINICAL INTERNSHIP at your local facility under the direction of surgeons of your choice.



Wound Closure Home-Study Training System™

Our program utilizes the Wound Closure Training System. Students develop the psychomotor skills and hand/eye coordination with this system. Surgeons require well-trained and highly skilled surgical first assistants, so we prepare you to be great. 

The wound closure training system consists of online access to video instruction of basic through advanced wound closure skills, instrument handling and multi-layer wound closure skills. Students will learn skills that will make them look and feel like an expert in wound closure. Unlike regimented classroom settings, you will not feel hurried, rushed, or embarrassed in front of classmates. Not to mention, students may view the lessons as many times as necessary to understand every concept and technique.

YOU WILL BE AMAZED at how easily and quickly you learn and retain the wound closure skills and techniques from this custom-made surgical training system. With this in mind, it comes all inclusive with everything you need to jump-start your career and skill training:

  • Online wound closure instructional video instruction
  • Wound Closure Lab with carrying case
  • Multi-layered abdominal simulated tissue pad
  • Forceps, needle holders, scalpel, suture scissors, Weitlander retractor and scalpel.
  • Variety of practice suture
  • Knot tying practice, including under pressure and deep tying
  • Penrose drains for insertion and securing practice


Scope of Practice

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) defines the scope of practice for Surgical Assistants. ACS states the surgical first assistant (SA) provides aid in exposure, hemostasis, and other technical functions that will help the surgeon carry out a safe operation with optimal results for the patient. This role will vary considerably with the surgical operation, specialty area, and type of facility. In addition, further information is available by clicking here. Always abide by state laws and hospital policies when acting in the role of the surgical assistant.