Whether you’re currently in one of our programs or just finding our website for the first time, we want to welcome you to the Royal Academy of Surgical Assisting! When it comes to online learning programs for surgical assistants, none is more ready to jumpstart your surgical assistant career than RASA’s SA Program. We’re proud to say that our surgical assistant program has incorporated 20 years of educational experience and represents a convenient, yet affordable way for operating room professionals to expand their skills. Above all, upon program completion, graduates feel confident sitting for the SA-C National Certification exam from the American Board of Surgical Assistants.

Mission at RASA Training

We want all surgical assistants to become an integral part of the OR team. Keep in mind that our mission, values, and goals are directed toward improving patients outcomes. Thanks to our current and innovative instruction, our students develop the skills they need to succeed as a surgical assistant. Through knowledge and understanding ethical principles, our students meet the strict standards of an SA, as defined by the American College of Surgeons. So how exactly does RASA training differ from other programs? It’s actually pretty simple. We deliver a cost-effective, convenient and comprehensive educational path to achieve our vision, as well as yours of obtaining surgical assistant certification.

Why Choose an Surgical Assisting program from RASA?

You can feel comfortable knowing that our surgical assisting program is based on the Core Curriculum for the Surgical First Assistant. We stress the combination of comprehensive surgical knowledge and intraoperative skills. Plus, students dive into the expanded role and functions of an SA. Our instructors take it the program one step further, though. Students can look forward to an in-depth study of OR procedures, concepts, and emergency preparedness to ensure the utmost preparation.

Here are just a few ways that RASA’s SA Program will give your career the boost it needs:

  • Quick turnaround – Students gain access to our online program with a start on the 1st the following month after you turn in your application. So there’s very little waiting on your end!
  • Wound Closure Training System – We provide our students with the innovative Wound Closure Kit shortly after enrollment. This makes an ideal way to get ahead of the game with learning basic through advanced suture/tying skills.
  • Resources galore – Students absolutely love our newly released program that features a multimedia online site. Feel free to take advantage of a guided home study, video instruction, self-assessment quizzes, interactive activities, and so many other Internet resources, tutorials, and 3D anatomy. RASA Training is also developing a community within LinkedIn to connect graduates with recruiters to fast-track their surgical assistant careers.
  • An easier internship experience – How nice would it be to have the chance to complete the supervised clinical internship at your local facility and under the direction of surgeons of your choice? That’s exactly what RASA offers students! Our program teaches multi-specialty, we don’t require rotations in every specialty. You will need to complete clinicals only a few specialties then you can complete the rest of your cases in any specialty. See the catalog for clinical requirements. It’s yet another way RASA provides flexibility for our students.

We offer learning flexibility, no student loans, optional payment plans and the state-of-the-art curriculum. For those reasons and more, see why so many surgical professionals are choosing RASA to advance their career. Contact us today to get started with RASA training.