We have introduced new Simulated Surgery Tissues!

“This is about as real as you can get!”
A General Surgeon

who evaluated these multi-layer tissues.

RASA Training Wound Closure kit

All programs utilize the Wound Closure Training System for home study. This system was specially designed to help students develop the psychomotor skills and hand/eye coordination surgeons require of well-trained and highly skilled surgical first assistants. Immediately following enrollment, RASA will ship this unique and effective instructional system. Video instruction of basic through advanced wound closure skills, instrument handling and multi-layer wound closure skills will help you master these skills. Students will learn skills that will make them look and feel like an expert in wound closure, in the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace. Unlike regimented classroom settings, you will not feel hurried, rushed, or embarrassed in front of classmates. Students may view the lessons as many times as necessary to understand every concept and technique.

 You will be amazed at how easily and quickly you learn and retain the wound closure skills and techniques from this custom-made surgical training system. It comes all inclusive with everything you need to jump-start your skill training:

  • Wound Closure Lab with carrying case
  • Multi-Layered Abdominal Simulated Tissues
  • Instruments: Scalpel, Forceps, Needle Holders and Suture Scissors
  • Practice Suture
  • Penrose Drain for drain securing practice
  • Practice ties and 3-0 Silk for knot tying practice
  • Tying under pressure simulator
  • Online wound closure Instructional video instruction

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